The 10 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, is known for its stunning scenery, cultural landmarks, and an ever-growing culinary scene. With a diverse range of restaurants and cafes, Auckland has become a hub for food enthusiasts from around the world.

However, when it comes to fine dining, Auckland takes it to another level. The city boasts an impressive selection of top-tier restaurants, each with its own unique style and flair. From Michelin-starred chefs to innovative dining concepts, the fine dining scene in Auckland is a food lover’s paradise.

In this blog post, we will be taking a closer look at the 10 best fine dining restaurants Auckland. These establishments have been chosen for their outstanding cuisine, exceptional service, and captivating ambiance. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these restaurants offer an unforgettable dining experience that will leave you craving for more.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a culinary journey through Auckland’s finest dining establishments, then keep reading. Get ready to savor mouth-watering dishes, impeccable service, and exquisite surroundings that will elevate your dining experience to the next level.


The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Auckland

1. Sid at The French Cafe

Sid at The French Cafe
Credit – Sid at The French Cafe

Location : 210 Symonds St, Auckland

Phone: +64 9 377 1911

Hour: Tue to Sat – 5:30pm to 11pm

Sid at The French Cafe is a fine-dining restaurant that offers contemporary French cuisine with a New Zealand twist. Their unique selling point is their exceptional service and attention to detail. Some of their unique dishes on the menu include the “Coconut and Lemon Leaf Cured Salmon” and the “Lamb tartare, Matangi beef, Oyster mushroom, and Kohlrabi tartare”.

2. The Grove Restaurant

The Grove Restaurant
Credit – The Grove Restaurant

Location : St Patricks Square, Wyndham Street, Auckland

Phone: +64 9 368 4129

Hour: Wed to Sat – 5:45 pm to late

The Grove Restaurant offers modern New Zealand cuisine in a sophisticated and elegant setting. Their unique selling point is their use of fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from local suppliers. Some of their unique dishes on the menu include “Lime, Peppermint, Kawakawa” and “55-Day Aged Beef, Bone Marrow, and Apple, Caramelized White Chocolater”.

3. Sidart Restaurant

Sidart Restaurant
Credit – Sidart Restaurant

Location : 283 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland

Phone: +64 9 360 2122

Hour: Tue to Sat – 6pm to 10pm

Sidart Restaurant offers progressive Indian cuisine in a contemporary setting. Their unique selling point is their innovative use of spices and flavors to create a unique dining experience. Some of their unique dishes on the menu include “Market Fish & Roast Chicken” and “Wagyu Beef & Truffle, and Lamb & Mint”

4. One Tree Grill

One Tree Grill
Credit – One Tree Grill

Location : 9 Pah Road, Epsom, Auckland

Phone: 09 909 7215

Hour: Mon to Sat from 5.30pm

One Tree Grill is a modern steakhouse that offers premium cuts of meat cooked to perfection. Their unique selling point is their use of sustainable and ethically-sourced ingredients.

5. Sails Restaurant

Sails Restaurant
Credit – Sails Restaurant

Location : 103-113 Westhaven Drive, Westhaven Marina, Auckland

Phone: 09 378 9890

Hour: Wed to Sun from 6pm

Sails Restaurant is known for its stunning waterfront location and fine dining experience. Their unique selling point is their focus on using local, seasonal ingredients to create a menu that showcases New Zealand cuisine. From crayfish ravioli to slow-cooked lamb shoulder, their dishes are beautifully presented and full of flavor.

6. Ahi

Credit – Ahi

Location : Commercial Bay Level 2/7 Queen Street, Auckland

Phone: +64 225 244 255

Hour: Mon to Sun – 12pm to 10pm

Ahi restaurant, a lifelong dream of friends Ben Bayly, Chris Martin, and Lucile Fortuna, celebrates authentic New Zealand cuisine with fresh organic produce and ingredients grown by New Zealanders embracing regenerative agriculture. Chef Bayly sources the finest ingredients from across the country, while Lucile and the team curate an exceptional wine list championing local wine and spirits. The warm hospitality and beautiful setting complete the unforgettable Ahi. dining experience.

7. Paris Butter

Paris Butter
Credit – Paris Butter

Location : 166 Jervois Road, Herne Bay, Auckland

Phone: Tue to Sat – 6:30pm to late

Hour: 09 376 5597

Paris Butter is a French-inspired fine-dining restaurant located in the heart of Auckland’s Herne Bay. Their intimate dining room provides the perfect setting for romantic dinners or celebratory occasions, while exceptional service and attention to detail ensure a memorable dining experience. The restaurant also offers catering services for private events and corporate functions.

8. Cibo

Credit – Cibo

Location : 91 St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell, Auckland 

Phone: +64 9 303 9660

Hour: Tue – Sat from 5.30pm

Cibo is an iconic Auckland restaurant, offering contemporary New Zealand cuisine with a European twist. Located in the heart of Parnell, the restaurant’s stylish and elegant setting provides the perfect backdrop for a fine dining experience. Cibo’s menu features the best local ingredients, expertly prepared by the talented kitchen team. The extensive wine list showcases some of the best wines from New Zealand and around the world. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two or a group celebration, Cibo offers a truly unforgettable dining experience.

9. MASU by Nic Watt

MASU by Nic Watt
Credit – MASU by Nic Watt

Location : 90 Federal Street, Auckland

Phone: +64 9 363 6278

Hour: Tue to Sat – 5pm to 9:30pm

MASU is a Japanese-inspired fine-dining restaurant located in Auckland’s SkyCity. Their unique selling point is their focus on traditional Japanese cooking techniques, combined with a modern twist. Their standout dishes include the miso-glazed toothfish, the Japanese fried chicken, and the grilled wagyu beef. They also offer a sake pairing option with their tasting menu, and an extensive selection of Japanese whiskies.

10. Jervois Steak House

Jervois Steak House
Credit – Jervois Steak House

Location : 70 Jervois Road, Ponsonby, Auckland

Phone: 64 9 376 2049

Hour: Mon to Sun – 5:30pm to 10pm

Jervois Steak House is a premier steakhouse in Auckland, serving up some of the finest cuts of meat in the city. The restaurant is renowned for its exceptional beef sourced from around New Zealand and aged on site to perfection. Jervois Steak House also offers a range of other dishes including seafood and vegetarian options, all expertly prepared by the talented kitchen team. The restaurant’s sleek and modern interior provides a stylish setting for a memorable dining experience. With attentive service and a carefully curated wine list, Jervois Steak House is the perfect destination for any meat lover.


What does fine dining mean?

Fine dining typically refers to a high-end dining experience that emphasizes the highest quality of food, service, and ambiance. It usually involves a formal atmosphere, with a focus on elegant presentation, elaborate menus, and attentive service. The meals served at fine dining restaurants are often made with the finest ingredients and prepared by highly skilled chefs. Customers can expect to pay premium prices for this type of experience.

What are the characteristics of fine dining?

Fine dining is characterized by a high level of service, an elegant atmosphere, and a focus on exceptional food and wine. Typically, these restaurants offer a prix fixe menu featuring multiple courses with a wide variety of dishes. The menu often incorporates seasonal and local ingredients, and the food is prepared with a high level of skill and creativity. The service is attentive and personalized, with an emphasis on attention to detail and customer satisfaction. The ambiance is sophisticated, often featuring elegant decor and a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

Why is fine dining small portions?

Fine dining often features smaller portion sizes to showcase the quality of the ingredients and the chef’s skill in preparation and presentation. It allows customers to experience a variety of flavors and textures throughout the meal without feeling overwhelmed. Smaller portions also align with the idea of fine dining as a luxurious and indulgent experience, where customers savor each bite and enjoy the entire culinary journey. Additionally, smaller portion sizes can help reduce food waste and increase the efficiency of the kitchen.