The 5 Best Teppanyaki in Auckland

Are you a foodie on the hunt for the best teppanyaki in Auckland? Look no further! Teppanyaki is a Japanese style of cooking that involves grilling various meats, seafood, and vegetables on a hot iron plate. It’s a dining experience that’s both delicious and entertaining, as skilled teppanyaki chefs dazzle diners with their impressive knife skills and fiery showmanship.

But with so many teppanyaki restaurants in Auckland, how do you know where to go for the best experience? In this blog, we’ve scoured the city to bring you our top picks for the best teppanyaki in Auckland. From sizzling steak to succulent seafood, we’ve got you covered. So get ready to indulge your taste buds and experience the magic of teppanyaki at its finest.


The Best Teppanyaki in Auckland

1. Daikoku

Credit – Daikoku

Daikoku is a Japanese restaurant  offering traditional and modern Japanese cuisine.The name “Daikoku” is inspired by the Japanese god of wealth and prosperity, who is often depicted as a jovial and benevolent figure.

This restaurant features different Teppanyaki menus, which includes premium NZ eye filet, Akaroa salmon, and huge Atlantic scallops, all of which are accompanied by their famous flying fried rice, vegetables, garden salad, and miso soup. Vegetarians can enjoy the Zen set menu, which comprises veggie tempura, as well as a dessert of fresh sliced fruits or green tea ice cream.

2. HEIZO Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

HEIZO Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant
Credit – HEIZO Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

HEIZO Teppanyaki is a Japanese restaurant specializing in Teppanyaki cuisine. Their menu features a variety of high-quality meats and seafood, as well as fresh vegetables and rice dishes. Some of their most popular menu items include scotch fillet, salmon, and shrimp, all cooked to perfection on a sizzling hot griddle right in front of customers. The restaurant offers a unique and entertaining dining experience, perfect for a special night out or a celebration.

3. Teppan Dining Bowz

Teppan Dining Bowz
Credit – Teppan Dining Bowz

Teppan Dining Bowz is the ultimate destination for anyone who loves teppanyaki. With skilled chefs at work, the restaurant offers delicious meals that are perfect for lunch or dinner. For dinner, you can choose between the Bowz deluxe or the 5 course set menu, both of which come with eight types of appetizers. With options like A5 grade wagyu beef or crayfish, you can treat your taste buds to an unforgettable experience. And don’t forget about the premium seafood miso soup, which perfectly complements the main course.

4. Katsura

Credit – Katsura

Experience the ultimate teppanyaki feast at Katsura! Indulge in premium options like prime wagyu scotch fillet, colossal shrimp, and teriyaki tofu steak, paired perfectly with authentic Japanese sauces. Savor fresh appetizers, sashimi, sushi, salad, vegetables, and egg fried rice, all topped off with your choice of ice cream, including the exciting “teppanyaki ice cream” cooked right before your eyes on a hot iron griddle.

5. Shins Teppanyaki

Shins Teppanyaki
Credit – Shins Teppanyaki

Shins Teppanyaki is a Japanese restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand, serving traditional teppanyaki cuisine. Their skilled chefs cook seafood, meat, and vegetable options on an iron griddle, with dishes like Wagyu beef and mixed seafood platters. Diners can watch their meals being prepared, creating a unique dining experience. Shins Teppanyaki also has a lively atmosphere and a fully stocked bar.

In conclusion, Auckland has plenty of amazing teppanyaki restaurants to choose from, each with its own unique offerings and atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly spot or a premium teppanyaki experience, these top recommendations are sure to satisfy your cravings.


Why is teppanyaki so expensive?

Teppanyaki is a high-end dining experience that involves a skilled chef preparing food on a hot griddle in front of customers. The price of teppanyaki is often high due to the quality of the ingredients used, the skills and expertise required of the chef, and the overall experience of dining at a teppanyaki restaurant.

What’s the difference between teppan and teppanyaki?

Teppan and teppanyaki both refer to Japanese cuisine that is cooked on a flat iron griddle. However, teppan is the actual griddle while teppanyaki is the cooking style. Teppanyaki involves cooking various meats, seafood, and vegetables on a hot teppan with a skilled chef who often performs theatrical tricks while cooking at a communal table. Teppan can refer to any flat iron griddle used in cooking, not just in a teppanyaki-style setting.

How do you eat teppanyaki?

Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine where food is cooked on a hot iron griddle. To eat teppanyaki, use chopsticks or a fork to pick up the cooked meat, seafood, or vegetables from the griddle. Dip it in the accompanying sauce and eat it. Teppanyaki is often served with rice or noodles, which can be eaten with a spoon or chopsticks. It is a fun and interactive dining experience where you can enjoy watching the skilled chefs prepare the food right in front of you.