NZ Women’s Dress Size Guide

New Zealand is known for its beautiful landscapes, vibrant culture, and fashion-forward sensibilities. For the fashion-conscious woman planning to shop for dresses in NZ or from NZ-based retailers, understanding dress size conversions is crucial. Whether you’re a local or an international shopper, this guide will help you navigate the New Zealand women’s dress sizing system with ease.

Dress Size Conversion Chart

Dress Size Conversion Chart

6 2 2 6 7 34 38 32
8 4 4 8 9 36 40 34
106 6 101138 42 36
128 8 121340 44 38
141010141542 46 40
161212161744 48 42
181414181946 50 44
201616202148 52 46
221818222350 54 48
242020242552 56 50
262222262754 58 52
282424282956 60 54

Understanding NZ Women’s Dress Sizes

New Zealand women’s dress sizes are often similar to UK sizes, which can be a boon for international shoppers from the Commonwealth. However, they may differ from US, European, and Asian sizing standards, which can lead to confusion and the hassle of returns.

NZ Standard Size Chart

New Zealand sizes typically range from size 6 to size 18, with some retailers offering a broader range to cater to a more diverse customer base. Here’s a general size chart to get you started:

  • Size 6 (XXS)
  • Size 8 (XS)
  • Size 10 (S)
  • Size 12 (M)
  • Size 14 (L)
  • Size 16 (XL)
  • Size 18 (XXL)

International Size Conversion

When converting international sizes to NZ sizes, it’s important to consider not only the size number but also the fit and cut of the garment, which can vary by brand and style. Here’s a simple conversion guide to help you:

  • US sizes are generally two sizes larger than NZ sizes. For example, a size 4 in the US would be close to a size 8 in NZ.
  • European sizes are usually 32 plus the NZ size, so a size 10 in NZ would be a size 42 in Europe.
  • For the UK, the sizes are usually the same. So a UK size 10 would also be a size 10 in NZ.
  • Australian sizes are typically the same as NZ sizes.

Tips for Online Shopping

If you’re shopping online, here are some tips to ensure you get the best fit:

  • Check the Sizing Chart: Always refer to the specific sizing chart provided by the retailer. Sizes can vary between brands, so it’s best to check each time you shop.
  • Know Your Measurements: Have your bust, waist, and hip measurements handy, and use them to compare with the retailer’s size chart.
  • Read Reviews: Other shoppers might mention if a particular item runs large or small, which can guide your size selection.
  • Understand the Fit: Look at the model’s height and size if provided, as this can give you a sense of how the dress might fit on your frame.
  • Contact Customer Service: If in doubt, ask! A quick message to customer service can provide you with additional sizing advice.

Shopping In-Store

When shopping in person, don’t hesitate to take multiple sizes into the fitting room. Sizes can vary dramatically between styles and fabrics, especially when you’re dealing with sizes across different brands.

Custom and Tailored Sizes

For those who may find off-the-rack sizes less than perfect, consider seeking out stores that offer custom sizing or tailoring services. A tailor can adjust a garment to fit your body perfectly, which is particularly useful for special occasions where you want your outfit to fit like a glove.

Remember, the number on the size tag is just that—a number. It’s more important that the clothes you choose fit well and feel comfortable on your body. New Zealand offers a plethora of shopping experiences, from high-end boutiques to accessible retail chains, so take your time exploring and finding what works best for you.