The 10 Best Second Hand Stores in Hamilton

If you’re a bargain hunter, vintage enthusiast, or simply looking for unique treasures, you’re in for a treat. Hamilton, with its vibrant culture and diverse community, is a hotbed for remarkable second-hand finds. From charming thrift shops nestled in quaint neighbourhoods to sprawling consignment stores packed with timeless pieces, we’ve scoured the city to bring you a curated list of must-visit destinations.

Get ready to uncover a world of pre-loved fashion, vintage furniture, OP Shops, and one-of-a-kind collectibles all waiting to be discovered in this bustling Canadian city.


The Best Second Hand Stores in Hamilton

1. Family Store

Family Store
Credit – Family Store

Location: 716 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton 3204

Phone: 07 839 2223

Family Store is a charming second-hand store that offers a wide array of unique treasures. From vintage clothing to retro furniture, this gem is a haven for bargain hunters and collectors alike. With a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff, you’re sure to find something special to take home. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover hidden gems at this delightful family-run shop.

2. Waikato Second Hand Centre

Waikato Second Hand Centre
Credit – Waikato Second Hand Centre

Location: 441 Anglesea Street, Hamilton 3204

Phone: 07 839 3570

Waikato Second Hand Centre With a diverse selection of pre-loved items, including furniture, electronics, clothing, and more, the store caters to thrifty shoppers and sustainability enthusiasts alike. Their extensive inventory and attractive deals. Whether you’re hunting for unique treasures or looking to declutter, this store offers a welcoming environment for both buyers and sellers.

3. Hato Hone St John

Hato Hone St John
Credit – Hato Hone St John

Location: 97 Commerce Street (Corner of Lake &, Commerce, Frankton, Hamilton 3204

Phone: 07 846 2510

Hato Hone St John Offering a diverse selection of pre-loved goods, the store is a treasure trove for bargain hunters and those looking for unique finds. With a strong commitment to the community, it is a charitable organisation providing vital healthcare services.

4. Forlongs

Credit – Forlongs

Location: 111 Kent Street, Frankton, Hamilton 3242

Phone: 07 210 0909

Forlongs From furniture to electronics, you can find great deals on various products. With their Fletchers Trade-It service, customers can effortlessly trade in their pre-owned goods for something new. It is a go-to destination for those seeking affordable and reliable second-hand items in Hamilton.

5. Again & Again

Again & Again
Credit – Again & Again

Location: 127 Alexandra Street, Hamilton Central 3204

Phone: 027 226 9282

Again & Again With a vast collection of pre-loved treasures, they offer an array of affordable, unique items ranging from vintage clothing to retro furniture and more. Discover hidden gems that evoke nostalgia and add character to your home. Embrace sustainability by exploring their ever-changing inventory, where each visit brings exciting surprises. Here you’ll find a delightful shopping experience that celebrates the beauty of reusing and repurposing with a touch of local charm.

6. Hospice Shop

Hospice Shop
Credit – Hospice Shop

Location: 546 River Road, Fairfield, Hamilton 3214

Phone: 07 855 9531

Hospice Shop is a delightful second-hand store that offers a wide range of pre-loved treasures. This shop provides a unique shopping experience, all while supporting a noble cause. From clothing and accessories to homeware and books, their carefully curated collection ensures there’s something for everyone.


Credit – SPCA

Location: 42 Lake Road, Frankton, Hamilton 3204

Phone: 07 444 4369

SPCA is a delightful second-hand store offering a wide array of pre-loved treasures. With a focus on animal welfare, every purchase made supports the SPCA’s efforts in caring for animals in need. From clothing to homeware, books to bric-a-brac, this store is a haven for bargain hunters and animal lovers alike.

8. St Aidans

St Aidans
Credit – St Aidans

Location: 879 Heaphy Terrace, Claudelands, Hamilton 3214

Phone: 07 854 7186

St Aidans With a wide array of pre-loved treasures, it’s a paradise for bargain hunters and vintage enthusiasts. From clothing to furniture, books to trinkets, it offers an ever-changing selection of affordable and unique items. As part of the community, the store supports local causes, making every purchase a chance to give back.

9. Orphans Aid

Orphans Aid
Credit – Orphans Aid

Location: 117 Commerce Street, Frankton, Hamilton 3204

Phone: 07 846 2077

Orphans Aid, a charity dedicated to helping vulnerable children worldwide. The store offers a wide array of affordable, quality items that have been generously donated by the community. You contribute directly to the well-being and future of orphaned and abandoned children, making a positive impact in their lives.

10. Little Split P

Little Split P
Credit – Little Split P

Location: 11 Liverpool Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton 3204

Phone: 07 949 8493

Little Split P, they offer a curated collection of pre-loved items. From vintage clothes to unique homeware, there’s something for everyone. Explore and discover hidden gems that make shopping an adventure. Embrace sustainable living with their eco-conscious approach. It is a haven for bargain hunters and nostalgia seekers alike