NZ Bank Codes: A Quick Guide

New Zealand bank codes are a vital part of the banking system, as they uniquely identify NZ banks and their branches for all sorts of financial transactions. Here’s a concise guide to understanding these codes:

Bank Code

Each New Zealand bank has a unique code, which is usually a two-digit number. This code identifies the bank itself. For example, ANZ Bank’s code is 01.

Branch Code

Following the bank code, there’s a four-digit branch code that pinpoints the specific branch of a bank where an account is held. For example, the ANZ Bank branch in Wellington might have a branch code of 0502.

Account Number

The seven-digit account number comes after the bank and branch code. This number is unique to the individual account within the branch.


Finally, there are two to four digits for the account suffix, representing the type of account held.

An example of a full New Zealand bank account code would look like this: 01-0502-1234567-00, where:

  • 01 is the bank code for ANZ Bank.
  • 0502 is the code for a specific branch in Wellington.
  • 1234567 is the individual account number.
  • 00 is the suffix indicating the type of account.

These bank codes are used for all domestic transactions and also come into play when setting up automatic payments or direct debits. When receiving money from overseas, you would also need to provide the SWIFT code, which is an international bank code used for incoming international transactions.


Each bank has a SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) code, also known as a BIC (Bank Identifier Code). For example, ANZ’s SWIFT code is ANZBNZ22. This code is necessary for international wire transfers to New Zealand bank accounts.

Understanding these codes is crucial for anyone involved in banking or financial transactions in New Zealand. Whether you are setting up payroll systems, making domestic transfers, or receiving international funds, these codes ensure your money reaches the correct destination safely and efficiently.

NZ Bank Prefixes and Account Codes

NZ Bank Prefixes and Account Codes

Bank Prefix Bank Name Branch Range
01, 04, 06 and 11 ANZ 0001–5699
12 ASB 3000–3999
02 BNZ 0001–1299
03 Westpac 0001–1999
38 Kiwibank 9000–9499
02 The Co-operative Bank 1242, 1245–1250
03 Heartland Bank Provided via Westpac
15 TSB 3900–3999
31 Citibank 2800–2849
88 Bank of China 8800-8805
03 SBS Provided via Westpac
05 China Construction Bank 8884-8889

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended as financial or legal advice. Details are subject to change; please verify accuracy with your bank.