The 5 Best Teppanyaki Restaurants in Auckland

If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine and looking to indulge in a unique dining experience, then Teppanyaki restaurants should be on your radar. Teppanyaki, a style of Japanese cooking that involves skilled chefs preparing delicious meals on a hot iron griddle, offers a delightful combination of entertainment and gastronomy. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through Auckland’s culinary scene to uncover the five best Teppanyaki restaurants that are sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you with an unforgettable dining experience.

Auckland is known for its diverse food culture, and Teppanyaki restaurants have gained popularity among locals and tourists alike. From sizzling meats and fresh seafood to expertly grilled vegetables, these restaurants provide an interactive dining experience that is both captivating and delicious. So, get ready to embark on a culinary adventure as we explore the top five Teppanyaki establishments that have won the hearts and taste buds of Aucklanders. Let’s dive in and discover the best Teppanyaki experiences the city has to offer!


The Best Teppanyaki restaurants in Auckland

1. Tanuki’s Cave

Tanuki's Cave
Credit – Tanuki’s Cave

Location: 319B Queen Street,

Phone: 09 379 5151

Time: Mon to Sun – 5pm to Late

Tanuki’s Cave, the ultimate destination for Teppanyaki enthusiasts. This vibrant and authentic restaurant promises an unforgettable dining experience. Step into a world where skilful chefs masterfully showcase their culinary artistry right before your eyes, grilling an array of succulent meats, seafood, and fresh vegetables on sizzling hotplates. Experience a vibrant ambiance where skilled teppanyaki chefs entertain and interact with diners, crafting a distinctive blend of cuisine and performance.

2. Masu by Nic Watt

Masu by Nic Watt
Credit – Masu by Nic Watt

Location: 90 Federal St, Auckland

Phone: 64 9 363 6278

Time: Tue to Sat – 5pm to 9pm

Masu by Nic Watt is a Teppanyaki restaurant located in the heart of Auckland. With its sleek and modern interior, it offers a unique dining experience where skilled chefs showcase their culinary expertise right before your eyes. From sizzling meats to fresh seafood and flavorful vegetables, the menu is a delight for food enthusiasts. The restaurant takes pride in using the finest ingredients, ensuring each dish is a masterpiece.

3. En Izakaya & Teppanyaki

Location: 291-297 Queen Street, Auckland

Phone: 09 377 7700

Time: Mon to Sun – 5pm to 10pm

En Izakaya & Teppanyaki is a premier teppanyaki restaurant that offers a truly unique dining experience. Situated in the heart of the city, this establishment combines traditional Japanese cuisine with a modern twist. Step into the vibrant atmosphere, where skilled chefs entertain guests with their dazzling culinary skills, expertly preparing and cooking delectable dishes right before your eyes. From sizzling teppanyaki grills to an extensive menu featuring fresh seafood, premium meats, and flavorful vegetarian options, it guarantees an unforgettable dining adventure that will leave your taste buds satisfied, and your senses delighted.

4. Daikoku Victoria

Daikoku Victoria
Credit – Daikoku Victoria

Location: 25 Victoria Street West, Auckland

Phone: 64 9 309 0110

Time: Mon to Sun – 12pm to 8:30pm

Daikoku Victoria is a vibrant Teppanyaki restaurant, renowned for its delectable Japanese cuisine and unforgettable dining experience. Located in the heart of Victoria Street, Auckland, this establishment offers a unique combination of live cooking shows, sizzling teppanyaki grills, and a lively atmosphere. With skilled chefs showcasing their culinary expertise right before your eyes, every visit is a mesmerizing performance that tantalizes the senses. Indulge in a wide array of authentic Japanese dishes, from succulent seafood and tender meats to fresh vegetables and flavourful sauces, all expertly prepared with precision and flair.

5. Kabuki Teppanyaki Restaurant

Location: 22-26 Albert Street, Auckland

Phone: 64 9 309 8888

Time: Tue to Sat – 5pm to 10pm

Kabuki Teppanyaki Restaurant, where culinary art meets entertainment! Step into our vibrant and authentic Japanese dining experience, where skilled chefs showcase their mastery on sizzling teppanyaki grills right before your eyes. Experience the thrilling performance while ingredients are cooked to create delicious meals. From succulent steak and tender seafood to flavourful vegetables, every bite is a harmonious symphony of taste and texture. Their modern yet inviting ambiance, coupled with the interactive cooking spectacle, creates an unforgettable dining experience for family gatherings, celebrations, or casual outings.


What is a Teppanyaki restaurant?

A Teppanyaki restaurant is a dining establishment where skilled chefs cook and entertain guests by preparing food on a large iron griddle, known as a teppan.

What kind of food is served at a Teppanyaki restaurant?

Teppanyaki restaurants typically serve a variety of grilled dishes, including meats (such as steak, chicken, and seafood), vegetables, fried rice, and noodles.

Are Teppanyaki restaurants expensive?

Teppanyaki restaurants can vary in price, but they are generally considered a higher-end dining option due to the quality of ingredients, skilled chefs, and the interactive dining experience they provide.