The 10 Best Tattoo Studios In Wellington

Exploring the vibrant world of tattoo artistry in Wellington? Look no further! This guide unveils the top 10 tattoo studios in the heart of New Zealand’s capital city. From masterful inchworm to exceptional craftsmanship, these studios have carved their names as the go-to destinations for both first-time ink seekers and seasoned tattoo enthusiasts.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional designs, contemporary aesthetics, or intricate custom creations, Wellington’s tattoo scene has something for everyone.

Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the finest tattoo studios that blend creativity, professionalism, and an unmistakable Kiwi flair.


The Best Tattoo Studios In Wellington

1. Natives Tattoo Company

Natives Tattoo Company
Credit – Natives Tattoo Company

Location: 148 The Square (Corner of Rangitikei and The Square) Palmerston

Phone: 063540524

Natives Tattoo Companya premier tattoo studio in Wellington, offers an exceptional blend of artistry and professionalism.” With a team of skilled artists, they create stunning custom tattoos that reflect individual stories and styles. Their commitment to a comfortable and hygienic environment ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for clients.

2. Fabulash Brows

Fabulash Brows
Credit – Fabulash Brows

Location: ​Shop 32, 4 Seasons Nails, Johnsonville Shopping Centre

Phone: 021 0248 2289

Fabulash Brows, offering a range of services that define and enhance your natural beauty. With a commitment to perfection, their skilled professionals provide microblading and tattooing techniques that create stunning, long-lasting results.

3. Brows by Prince

Brows by Prince
Credit – Brows by Prince

Location: Unit 3 721 High Street, Lower Hutt, Wellingto

Brows by Prince Experience artistry at its finest with a visit to this studio, where brows are transformed into stunning masterpieces. With a commitment to excellence and a skilled team, it offers top-notch tattooing services that redefine beauty standards.

4. Taupou Tatau Tattoo Studio

Taupou Tatau Tattoo Studio
Credit – Taupou Tatau Tattoo Studio

Location: James Smiths Corner, Level 1, 55 Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington

Phone: 04 550 4452

Taupou Tatau Tattoo Studio, Renowned for their intricate Polynesian tattoos, the studio embraces tradition and innovation. With skilled artists and a commitment to meaningful designs, it is a destination where culture and creativity intertwine seamlessly.

5. Mario

Credit – Mario

Location: 50 Fitzherbert St, Featherston

Mario Renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and creativity, the artists transform skin into mesmerising canvases. With a portfolio that showcases diverse styles and a commitment to a safe and comfortable experience, they make your tattoo journey unforgettable.

6. Saturnia Tattoos

Saturnia Tattoos
Credit – Saturnia Tattoos

Location: 42A Ward Street, Upper Hutt

Phone: 64 (0)21 081 818 67

Saturnia Tattoos, a premier Wellington tattoo studio. Their skilled tattooists craft masterpieces that reflect individual stories and passions. With a commitment to excellence, it turns body art dreams into reality. Visit here to explore their diverse portfolio and book your appointment today.

7. The Gallery Custom Tattoo

The Gallery Custom Tattoo
Credit – The Gallery Custom Tattoo

Location: Level 2/4 Bond Street, Wellington

Phone: +64 4-473 6566

The Gallery Custom Tattoo, their skilled artists create personalised masterpieces that resonate with your story. From intricate designs to meaningful symbols, each tattoo is a unique expression.

8. Underground Arts Tattoo Studio

Underground Arts Tattoo Studio
Credit – Underground Arts Tattoo Studio

Location: Underground Arts, 187 Vivian Street, Wellingto

Phone: (04) 385-2185

Underground Arts Tattoo Studio With a passionate team of skilled artists, they turn skin into canvases, crafting unique tattoos that tell stories. Explore their diverse portfolio and experience a blend of artistry and professionalism.

9. Wicked Tattoo

Wicked Tattoo
Credit – Wicked Tattoo

Location: 1A Hume Street, Alicetown, Lower Hutt 

Phone: 64 210 464 167

Wicked Tattoo, a haven for ink enthusiasts, blends creativity with skill. The artists’ adept hands create personalised, intricate designs that resonate with your vision. With a commitment to hygiene and a passion for body art, it stands as a premier destination for indelible masterpieces.

10. Union Tattoo

Union Tattoo
Credit – Union Tattoo

Location: 311 Willis St, Wellington

Phone: 04 384 8071

Union Tattoo, Wellington’s premier tattoo studio. Explore their services like tooth gems that add a touch of elegance to your smile. With a team of skilled artists, it is committed to turning your body into a canvas of creativity.