The 7 Best Strawberry Picking in Auckland

Are you craving the sweet, juicy taste of freshly picked strawberries? Look no further than Auckland, where you’ll find a bounty of delightful options for strawberry picking. In this article, we’ll explore the best strawberry picking destinations in Auckland, providing you with all the information you need to embark on a delicious adventure.

So, which places in Auckland offer the ultimate strawberry picking experience? Let’s dive in! From the sprawling fields of Strawberry Haven to the charming ambiance of Little Red Strawberries, you’ll discover a variety of farms and orchards that promise an unforgettable outing. With their luscious berries and picturesque surroundings, these locations are perfect for families, couples, or anyone seeking a delightful day in nature.


The Best Strawberry Picking in Auckland

1. Phil Greig Strawberry Gardens

Phil Greig Strawberry Gardens
Credit – Phil Greig Strawberry Gardens

Location: 464 State Highway 16, Kumeū 0892

Phone: 09 412 7329

Time: Mon to Sun – 9am to 5pm

Phil Greig Strawberry Gardens is a delightful destination for strawberry picking enthusiasts. This strawberry picking area offers a unique and simple experience that is sure to captivate visitors. With its lush green fields and rows of vibrant strawberry plants, it provides a charming backdrop for a fun-filled day of berry picking. The gardens boast an abundance of plump, this place isa perfect for indulging in their sweet flavors or taking home to enjoy later.

2. Phil Greig Pick Your Own Strawberries

Phil Greig Pick Your Own Strawberries
Credit – Phil Greig Pick Your Own Strawberries

Location: 228 Nixon Road, Taupaki 0782

Phone: 09 412 7329

Time: Mon to Sun – 9am to 5pm

Phil Greig Pick Your Own Strawberries is a delightful strawberry picking experience. Surrounded by lush greenery, this picturesque garden allows visitors to hand-pick their own succulent strawberries, ensuring the freshest and juiciest fruits for all. Whether you’re a family looking for a fun outing or a strawberry enthusiast seeking a sensory adventure, this idyllic location offers a unique and simple way to connect with nature. With over 10 acres of ripe strawberries, it invites you to indulge in a mouthwatering experience that will leave you craving more.

3. Good Planet

Location: 340 Riverhead Road, Riverhead 0892

Phone: +64 9 412 8933

Time: Mon to Sat – 6am to 9pm

Good Planet, a magical haven for strawberry lovers! Nestled in the heart of nature, their unique strawberry picking area offers a delightful experience for all ages. Step into their lush fields and immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and sweet aroma of ripe strawberries. With carefully curated rows of juicy red gems, you can pluck your own strawberries, savoring their freshness and flavor. Whether you’re a strawberry connoisseur or simply seeking a fun outdoor adventure, it invites you to create sweet memories surrounded by nature’s bountiful harvest.

4. George’s Strawberry Garden

Location: 119 Fred Taylor Drive, Whenuapai, Auckland 0814

Phone: 027 516 0055

George’s Strawberry Garden, where sweet and juicy strawberries await you! Located in the heart of picturesque countryside, their strawberry picking area offers a delightful experience for all ages. Stroll through rows of vibrant green plants and indulge in the pleasure of plucking ripe strawberries straight from the vine. Feel the warm sun on your back as you savor the taste of freshly picked berries bursting with flavor.

5. Best Berries

Bells Berries
Credit – Best Berries

Location: 340 Riverhead Road, Riverhead 0892

Phone: 09 412 8933

Best Berries is a haven for strawberry enthusiasts. With its sprawling fields and vibrant strawberry patches, this strawberry picking area promises an unforgettable experience. Each plump, juicy berry bursts with sweetness, leaving a delightful sensation on your taste buds. As you wander through the fields, the sun-kissed berries gleam like rubies, inviting you to pluck them and indulge in their luscious flavors. Whether you’re a seasoned picker or a first-time visitor, it offers a unique and simple strawberry picking adventure that will create lasting memories.

6. Sweet Red Strawberries

Location: Sweet Red Farm, 61 Bradly Road, Helensville, Auckland

Time: Daily 9:00am – 4:00pm

Sweet Red Strawberries, a picturesque strawberry picking area that promises a delightful experience for all visitors. Nestled amidst rolling green fields, their farm boasts rows upon rows of luscious, ripe strawberries just waiting to be plucked. As you wander through the sun-kissed rows, the sweet aroma of strawberries fills the air, creating a sensory delight. With their vibrant red hue and succulent juiciness, these strawberries are a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.

7. Clevedon Strawberries

Location: 291 Monument Road, Clevedon, Auckland

Phone: 0210 256 9037

Time: Mon to Sun – 8:00am – 5:30pm

Clevedon Strawberries, the ultimate destination for strawberry picking enthusiasts! Nestled amidst picturesque rolling hills, strawberry fields are great for all ages. With juicy, ripe strawberries as far as the eye can see, you’ll be immersed in a sea of vibrant red sweetness. Their friendly staff will guide you through the picking process, ensuring you find the juiciest gems.


When is the best time to go strawberry picking?

The strawberry season typically runs from November to March, with the peak harvest time in December and January.

How much does it cost to go strawberry picking?

Prices for strawberry picking vary, but it is generally around $10 to $20 per kilogram of strawberries that you pick.

Are there any age restrictions for strawberry picking?

Most strawberry farms welcome all ages, but it’s a good idea to check with the specific farm for any age restrictions or guidelines.

Can I eat the strawberries while picking?

Yes, most farms allow you to sample the strawberries while picking, but it’s important to ask the staff first to ensure it’s permitted.