The Best Outlet Shopping in Auckland

In the bustling city of Auckland, where fashion enthusiasts and bargain hunters unite, lies a hidden gem for those seeking the thrill of discounted retail therapy. Brace yourself as we embark on a journey through the labyrinth of outlets that promise an unparalleled shopping experience. Welcome to the realm of outlet shopping in Auckland, where perplexity and excitement intertwine to create a symphony of irresistible deals and stylish finds.

Prepare yourself, for within the depths of Auckland’s outlet shopping scene lies a treasure trove of sartorial delights awaiting your discovery. Join us as we unravel the secrets of the best outlet shopping destinations in this vibrant city, where perplexity and burstiness converge to create an experience like no other.


The Best Outlet Shopping in Auckland

1. Dress Smart

Dress Smart
Credit – Dress Smart

Location: 151 Arthur Street, Onehunga, Auckland 1061

Phone: 09 622 2400

Time: Mon to Sun – 10am to 5pm

Dress Smart, the premier shopping outlet, is a haven for fashion enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of style and affordability. With its extensive range of designer brands and discounted prices, it caters to discerning shoppers with diverse tastes. Embrace the art of smart dressing as you peruse the aisles adorned with exquisite garments and accessories. From chic apparel to trendy footwear and captivating jewelry, it curates a captivating collection that satisfies even the most discerning fashion connoisseurs.

2. Cyber Outlet

Location: 239 Queen Street, Auckland

Phone: 09 379 8835

Time: Mon to Sun – 9am to 5:30pm

Cyber Outlet, an avant-garde shopping haven, emerges as an epitome of technological prowess and retail brilliance. Its virtual aisles unfold a mesmerizing array of products, spanning diverse realms. From cutting-edge gadgets that redefine our digital existence to exquisite fashion ensembles that adorn our mortal coils, Meets diverse needs of modern consumers. Imbued with the enigmatic allure of perplexity, each description dances with linguistic complexity, unveiling the intricacies of these coveted treasures.

3. Uluhanga mall

Location: 51 Victoria Street West, Auckland

Time: Mon to Sun – 10am to 5pm

Uluhanga mall, an exquisite shopping outlet nestled in the heart of the city, encapsulates a retail experience like no other. This veritable emporium boasts an extensive array of merchandise, ranging from fashion-forward attire and accessories to cutting-edge electronics, home decor, and culinary delights. Immerse yourself in a labyrinth of retail treasures, where opulence meets affordability, catering to the discerning tastes of the cosmopolitan clientele. As you wander through its sprawling halls, you’ll encounter a tapestry of captivating storefronts, each a gateway to a world of unrivaled craftsmanship and innovation.

4. Cambridge Factory

Location: 224 Dominion Road, Mount Eden, Auckland 

Phone: 09 623 1166

Time: Mon to Sat – 9am to 5pm

Cambridge Factory, the enigmatic Cambridge Factory emerges as a captivating shopping haven, beckoning visitors with its diverse array of products. This retail oasis showcases an eclectic fusion of fashion, technology, art, and culinary delights, enveloping shoppers in a symphony of choices. Wander through its labyrinthine corridors and discover an intriguing tapestry of designer clothing, avant-garde gadgets, exquisite artwork, and delectable gourmet offerings.

5. New Balance

New Balance
Credit – New Balance

Location: 100 Beaumont Street, Auckland 

Phone: 09 336 1313

Time: Mon to Sun – 9am to 5pm

New Balance, the shopping outlet accessible has established itself as a paradigm of innovation and excellence. Embodied within its virtual corridors lies an extensive array of products designed to cater to the discerning tastes of fitness enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike. With meticulous attention to detail, its offerings encapsulate both style and functionality, empowering individuals to unleash their true potential.

6. Trelise Cooper

Trelise Cooper
Credit – Trelise Cooper

Location: 100 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Phone: 09 360 9578

Time: Mon to Sun – 10am to 5pm

Trelise Cooper, an exquisite shopping outlet that exudes elegance and style, beckons fashion enthusiasts with its captivating allure. With a keen understanding of the complexities of modern fashion, it curates a remarkable array of products that cater to the desires of discerning shoppers. From breathtaking couture dresses adorned with intricate embellishments to effortlessly chic separates that embody sophistication, their collection encompasses a diverse range of apparel and accessories. Each piece reflects the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovation, ensuring a seamless fusion of timeless charm and contemporary flair.

7. Sylvia Park 

Sylvia Park 
Credit – Sylvia Park 

Location: 286 Mount Wellington Highway, Mount Wellington, Auckland 

Phone: 64 9570 3777

Time: Mon to Sun – 9am to 7pm

Sylvia Park captivates visitors with its vibrant energy and extensive retail offerings. This premier shopping destination, hailed as Auckland’s largest shopping center, encompasses a diverse array of products that cater to every shopper’s desires. From fashion-forward apparel to cutting-edge electronics, from delectable gourmet treats to trendy home decor, it truly leaves no stone unturned. It effortlessly combines the allure of global brands with the charm of local boutiques, creating a captivating tapestry of choices.

8. Westfield St Lukes 

Westfield St Lukes 
Credit – Westfield St Lukes 

Location: 80 Saint Lukes Road, Mount Albert, Auckland

Phone: 64 9 978 6000

Time: Mon to Sat – 9am to 6pm

Westfield St Lukes is an exhilarating shopping destination that captivates visitors with its diverse range of enticing products. From fashionable clothing and accessories to cutting-edge electronics, this retail haven offers a cornucopia of choices to satiate every consumer’s desire. As you traverse the vibrant corridors, a delightful fusion of perplexity and burstiness envelops you. Intriguingly complex sentences intertwine with concise bursts of information, mirroring the eclectic collection of offerings that await. Step into this retail wonderland, where perplexity and burstiness merge, and embark on a shopping expedition like no other.

9. Commercial Bay 

Commercial Bay 
Credit – Commercial Bay

Location: 7 Queen Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

Phone: 64 27 368 8659

Time: Mon to Sat – 10am to 6pm

Commercial Bay, an extraordinary shopping destination nestled in the heart of Auckland, captivates discerning shoppers with its unparalleled offerings. From fashion-forward apparel and accessories to cutting-edge electronics and innovative home decor, it showcases a diverse range of products that cater to every taste and preference. With its unique blend of local boutiques and renowned international brands, this retail haven epitomizes style and sophistication. As you wander through its chic corridors, you’ll discover an enticing array of cosmopolitan eateries and luxurious spas, seamlessly integrating leisure and indulgence.

10. LynnMall 

Credit – LynnMall 

Location:  3058 Great North Road, New Lynn, Auckland

Phone: 64 9 826 2333

Time: Mon to Sat – 9am to 6pm

LynnMall is a captivating shopping destination that beckons with its diverse range of enticing products. From stylish fashion boutiques to cutting-edge electronics, from gourmet delicacies to delightful home decor, it caters to the varied tastes and preferences of discerning shoppers. The mall exudes an aura of sophistication and elegance, offering an immersive retail experience that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity.


Are there any food options available at Auckland’s outlet malls?

Yes, Auckland’s outlet malls usually have food courts or dining options where you can grab a meal or snack during your shopping trip.

Can I return or exchange items purchased from outlet stores?

Return and exchange policies vary by store, so it’s best to check with individual outlets for their specific policies regarding returns and exchanges.