The 10 Best Osteopaths in Auckland

Osteopathy is a natural healthcare therapy that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders and other related conditions. Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, has several highly skilled and experienced osteopaths who provide top-notch services to their patients.

Choosing the best osteopath can be challenging, especially if you are not familiar with the different practitioners and their specialities. We’ve made a list of the top ten osteopaths, based on their experience, expertise, customer reviews, and overall reputation. This will help you make an informed decision.

If you have back pain, headaches, or any musculoskeletal issue, our top ten list of the best osteopaths can help you find the right specialist to improve your overall health and wellbeing. These osteopaths are highly skilled and devoted to ensuring their patients’ health. We believe you will be pleased with their care.


The Best Osteopaths in Auckland

1. Top Notch Bodyworks

Top Notch Bodyworks
Credit – Top Notch Bodyworks

Location: 4/402 Don Buck Road, Massey, Auckland 0614

Phone: 09 212 8753

Time: Mon to Fri – 9am to 7pm

Top Notch Bodyworks is an experienced and reliable osteopathy clinic. They specialize in treating various musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain, sports injuries, and postural problems. Their team of highly trained and skilled osteopaths use a holistic approach to provide personalized treatment plans that cater to the individual needs of each patient. With a focus on restoring balance and promoting overall wellness, It is dedicated to helping their clients achieve optimal health and well-being.

2. Central City Osteopaths

Central City Osteopaths
Credit – Central City Osteopaths

Location: 43 High Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010

Phone: 09 300 7335

Time: Mon to Fri – 10am to 7pm

Central City Osteopaths is a trusted and experienced osteopathy clinic. Their team of registered osteopaths provides effective and personalized treatment for a range of musculoskeletal issues, including back and neck pain, headaches, and sports injuries. They provide comprehensive care by identifying the underlying cause of patients’ problems and offer long-term solutions for optimal health and wellbeing.

3. Shore Osteopaths

Shore Osteopaths
Credit – Shore Osteopaths

Location: 1B/5 Ceres Court, Rosedale, Auckland 0632

Phone: 09 419 1820

Time: Mon to Sat – 10am to 6pm

Shore Osteopaths is dedicated to providing personalized care to clients of all ages. Their team includes skilled and experienced osteopaths who specialize in treating musculoskeletal conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, and headaches. Clients can expect a comprehensive assessment, customized treatment plans, and effective hands-on techniques to help them achieve optimal health and well-being. With their commitment to excellence and patient-centered approach, it is a trusted choice for anyone seeking quality osteopathic care in Auckland.

4. Queen Street Osteopaths

Queen Street Osteopaths
Credit – Queen Street Osteopaths

Location: 603 Dingwall Building/87 Queen Street, Auckland

Phone: 09 366 1996

Time: Mon to Fri – 8:30am to 5pm

Queen Street Osteopaths is a top clinic that specializes in osteopathy. They help patients of all ages recover from pain and enhance their physical abilities. Their team of experienced osteopaths use a holistic approach to treat a wide range of conditions, from back and neck pain to sports injuries and migraines. With a focus on patient-centered care, they offer tailored treatment plans to suit individual needs and goals. They also provide rehabilitation and prevention programs to ensure long-term wellness.

5. Harcombe Osteopathy

Harcombe Osteopathy
Credit – Harcombe Osteopathy

Location: Regus Business Centre Plaza Level, 41 Shortland Street, Auckland

Phone: 09 282 4475

Time: Mon to Fri – 8:30am to 5:30pm

Harcombe Osteopathy is a well-known clinic that offers customized treatment for various conditions such as back pain, headaches, sports injuries, and others. The clinic is led by experienced osteopath, Sarah Harcombe, who is dedicated to helping her patients achieve optimal health and wellness. With a focus on hands-on therapy, they use a variety of techniques to address the root cause of each patient’s condition. They offer flexible appointment scheduling and a welcoming, comfortable environment to ensure that each patient receives the care they need to feel their best.

6. Recalibrated Osteopathic Care

Recalibrated Osteopathic Care
Credit – Recalibrated Osteopathic Care

Location: 139 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland 1050

Time: Mon to Sun – 9am to 6pm

Recalibrated Osteopathic Care stands as a top-notch clinic in the osteopathic field, with a strong focus on delivering secure and compelling osteopathic remedies for a variety of health issues. Their team of experienced and qualified osteopaths use a unique, evidence-based approach to help their patients achieve optimal health and wellbeing. With a focus on treating the root cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms, it offers personalized treatment plans that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient.

7. Premier Osteo

Premier Osteo
Credit – Premier Osteo

Location: Unit 2/1 View Road, Glenfield, Auckland 0627

Phone: 09 444 3231

Time: Mon to Fri – 7am to 7pm

Premier Osteo stands out as a top-tier osteopathy clinic. With a team of experienced osteopaths, they provide high-quality, personalized care for a wide range of conditions, including back pain, sports injuries, and headaches. This medical facility treats patients by identifying and addressing the root cause of discomfort instead of just temporarily alleviating symptoms. If you’re looking for effective and compassionate osteopathic care, look no further than this.

8. Kingsland Osteopaths

Kingsland Osteopaths
Credit – Kingsland Osteopaths

Location: 517 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021

Phone: 09 845 4472

Kingsland Osteopaths provide a range of services such as osteopathy treatment, acupuncture, and massage therapy to help their patients alleviate pain and discomfort caused by a variety of conditions, including back pain, sports injuries, and pregnancy-related discomfort. At the clinic, you will find a group of highly experienced osteopaths who utilize a comprehensive and holistic approach to provide optimal healing. They work with each patient to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of their pain and design a personalized treatment plan that addresses the specific issues.

9. Better Bodies Osteo

Better Bodies Osteo
Credit – Better Bodies Osteo

Location: 7a Piermark Drive, Rosedale, Auckland 0632

Phone: 020 4094 4889

Time: Mon to Fri – 9am to 5pm

Better Bodies Osteo is a leading osteopathy clinic. With a team of highly qualified osteopaths, they offer personalized treatment plans for a variety of conditions, including back pain, sports injuries, and headaches. Their Integrated approach to healthcare focuses on identifying the root cause of the issue and treating it accordingly. They have a comfortable and welcoming environment for patients. If you’re looking for effective osteopathic treatment, it is the perfect choice.

10. Grey Lynn Osteopathy

Grey Lynn Osteopathy
Credit – Grey Lynn Osteopathy

Location: 2 Selbourne Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021

Phone: 021 875 809

Time: Mon to Fri – 8:30am to 6:30pm

Grey Lynn Osteopathy is a trusted osteopathic clinic. With a team of experienced and skilled osteopaths, they provide a wide range of osteopathic treatments to relieve pain, improve mobility, and enhance overall wellness. Their services include cranial osteopathy, sports injury treatment, pregnancy care, and more. They prioritize their patients’ well-being and offer personalized treatment plans to suit their unique needs.


What should I expect during an osteopathic treatment?

During an osteopathic treatment, the osteopath will ask about your medical history and symptoms, perform a physical exam, and use manual techniques to manipulate your muscles and joints. You may be asked to move your body in certain ways to aid the treatment.

Is osteopathic treatment painful?

Osteopathic treatment is generally not painful, but some patients may experience mild discomfort during the treatment. The osteopath will always work within the patient’s comfort level.

How long does an osteopathic treatment last?

Osteopathic treatments typically last between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the individual needs of the patient.