The 10 Best Catteries in Wellington

As pet owners, we all want the best care for our furry friends, even when we can’t be with them. And that’s where catteries come in – a safe haven for our beloved cats while we’re away, with its thriving pet culture, is home to some of The Best Catteries in Wellington.

In Wellington, catteries offer unique features that set them apart from the rest. From one-on-one attention and special dietary needs to outdoor enclosures and indoor play areas, these catteries go above and beyond to ensure your cat feels comfortable and loved. Your furry friend deserves the best care possible, and a quality cattery can provide just that.

In this blog post we study The Best Cattery in Wellington for your cat. Read and enjoy.


The Best Catteries in Wellington

1. Hillcrest Cat Motel

Hillcrest Cat Motel
Credit – Hillcrest Cat Motel


Phone: 04 569 3598


The Hillcrest Cat Motel is a luxury cat boarding facility that offers cats of all ages a comfortable, clean, and safe place to live and sleep. The rooms are fully insulated and feature individual heating and ventilation, as well as a private outdoor area. The experienced staff provide exceptional care for cats, including daily exercise and playtime. The facility also offers grooming and veterinary services. It is committed to ensuring the health, safety and happiness of all cats in its care.

2. Purrville Cat Hotel

Purrville Cat Hotel
Credit – Purrville Cat Hotel

Location: 28 Turville Crescent, Wellington

Phone: (04) 47 70 878


Purrville Cat Hotel provides a safe, comfortable and stress-free environment for cats, with spacious suites that are designed to cater to their needs. The suites come with plenty of natural light, toys, and comfortable beds. The hotel also offers a variety of services, including grooming, playtime, and personalized care. With a focus on individual attention, they ensure that every cat receives the attention they need to feel at home.

3. Rushcroft Boarding Cattery

Rushcroft Boarding Cattery
Credit – Rushcroft Boarding Cattery

Location: 549 Ohariu Valley Rd, Johnsonville, Wellington

Phone: (04) 477-3593


Rushcroft Boarding Cattery provides a comfortable and safe environment for cats to stay while their owners are away. The cattery offers a range of amenities including individual catsuits, large outdoor play areas, and personalized care from experienced staff. They prioritize the wellbeing of the cats in their care and ensure that each cat receives the attention and care they need during their stay. Their dedication to providing high-quality cat boarding services has earned them a reputation as one of the best catteries in Wellington.

4. Wadestown Veterinary Clinic & Cattery

Wadestown Veterinary Clinic and Cattery
Credit – Wadestown Veterinary Clinic and Cattery

Location: 1 Grosvenor Tce, Wadestown, Wellington

Phone: 04 472 2012


Wadestown Veterinary Clinic and Cattery is a veterinary clinic that offers a wide range of services for pets. They have a cat cattery where cats can live with other animals. The clinic is run by a team of experienced veterinarians and staff who are passionate about providing high-quality care for animals. They also have an online store for pet food, accessories, and medication. Overall, it is a great option for pet owners in Wellington.

5. Seaview Cattery

Seaview Cattery
Credit – Seaview Cattery

Location: 105 Seaview Road, Lower Hutt

Phone: 022 451 9559


Seaview Cattery is a small family-owned business that offers a peaceful and safe environment for cats to stay while their owners are away. The cattery is situated on a quiet and secluded property with beautiful sea views. Each cat has their own spacious and comfortable room with a private outdoor area. The staff is experienced and caring, providing individual attention to each cat’s needs. It is open all year round and offers flexible drop-off and pick-up times to accommodate busy schedules.

6. Homelands Kennels & Cattery

Homelands Kennels & Cattery
Credit – Homelands Kennels & Cattery

Location: 250 Airlie Rd, Plimmerton, Porirua 5026

Phone: 04-239 9252


Homelands Kennels & Cattery is a pet boarding facility that provides high-quality care for dogs and cats while their owners are away. The kennels feature spacious indoor and outdoor areas, and the cattery offers comfortable accommodations with plenty of natural light. It also offers additional services such as grooming and exercise programs to ensure that pets receive the best care possible. With a team of experienced and caring staff, this is a trusted choice for pet owners in the Wellington area.

7. Allbreeds Kennels & Cattery

Allbreeds Kennels & Cattery
Credit – Allbreeds Kennels & Cattery

Location: 527 Whitemans Valley Road, Whitemans Valley, Upper Hutt

Phone: (04) 528 9901


Allbreeds Kennels & Cattery is a pet boarding facility. They offer comfortable and secure accommodation for dogs and cats, with a range of indoor and outdoor spaces for play and relaxation. The facility is fully equipped with heating and air conditioning, and pets are provided with a high-quality diet and daily exercise.

They also offer grooming services, as well as a pick-up and drop-off service for their clients’ convenience. With experienced and caring staff, it provides a safe and welcoming home away from home for pets while their owners are away.

8. Paradise Cattery

Paradise Cattery
Credit – Paradise Cattery

Location: 11 Te Puni Gr, Elderslea, Upper Hutt, Wellington

Phone: 04 527-9085


Paradise Cattery is a premium cat boarding facility located in Wellington, New Zealand. The cattery provides a safe and comfortable environment for cats to stay while their owners are away. The cattery is run by experienced cat lovers who ensure that each cat receives individual attention and care. The facility features spacious and hygienic living areas with ample room for cats to play and relax. Paradise Cattery also offers grooming services and a range of cat toys and accessories for sale. With its high standards of care and attention, Paradise Cattery is a popular choice for cat owners in Wellington.

9. Scratch Pad Boarding Cattery

Scratch Pad Boarding Cattery
Credit – Scratch Pad Boarding Cattery

Location: 85 Rimu Road, Raumati 

Phone: (04) 905 7723


Scratch Pad Boarding Cattery provides a safe, comfortable, and stress-free environment for cats while their owners are away. The cattery is purpose-built and includes a variety of play areas, cosy sleeping quarters, and individual outdoor courtyards. Scratch Pad’s experienced and caring staff offer personalized attention to each cat and provide daily updates to the owners.

The cattery also offers grooming services, including nail trims and brushing. Overall, it is a top-quality option for cat owners looking for a reliable and comfortable place for their furry friends to stay.

10. Miss Lily’s Cattery

Miss Lily's Cattery
Credit – Miss Lily’s Cattery

Location: 222 Main Road South, Raumati South

Phone: 04 904 0152


Miss Lily’s Cattery is a family-run business that offers luxury boarding services for cats in a safe and secure environment. The cattery is spacious, clean and has a homely feel with comfortable furnishings and plenty of natural light. Each cat is given individual attention and care, with regular playtime, grooming and cuddles.

It also offers additional services such as vet visits, medication administration and special dietary requirements. The cattery is conveniently located close to Wellington airport, making drop-offs and pick-ups easy for busy pet owners.


Do cats change after being in cattery?

Cats may experience some changes after being in a cattery, although it largely depends on the individual cat’s personality and the length of their stay. Some cats may be anxious or stressed during their time in a cattery, which could cause them to be more clingy or withdrawn when they return home.

However, most cats adjust well to their surroundings and return to their normal behaviour quickly. It’s important to note that catteries, like Miss Lily’s Cattery, aim to provide a safe and comfortable environment for cats to minimize any potential negative impacts on their behaviour.

Is it better to leave cat at home or board?

It depends on several factors such as the cat’s personality, the length of time you’ll be away, and the resources available to you. Here are some things to consider:

  • Personality: If your cat is social and loves company, then they may be better off being boarded at a cattery where they can interact with other cats and receive attention from caregivers. However, if your cat is shy or anxious, they may prefer staying at home where they feel comfortable and secure.
  • Length of time: If you’re only going to be away for a day or two, leaving your cat at home with someone to check on them regularly may be a better option. However, if you’re going to be away for an extended period, it may be better to board your cat at a cattery where they can receive more attention and care.
  • Resources: If you have a trusted friend or family member who can stay at your home and take care of your cat, then leaving them at home may be a good option. However, if you don’t have anyone available to take care of your cat, then boarding them at a cattery may be the best choice.

Ultimately, it’s important to choose the option that’s best for your cat’s well-being and happiness. You can also discuss your concerns with your veterinarian or a trusted pet care professional for advice.

In conclusion, The Best Catteries in Hamilton offer a great solution for pet owners who want to take care of their cats while they are away from home. With a variety of boarding options, including play areas, luxury suites, and personal attention, catteries provide a safe and comfortable environment for cats to live in. However, it’s important to choose a reputable cattery with a good track record and when making a decision, consider your cat’s personality and needs. By doing so, you can ensure that your cat is happy, healthy, and well-cared for during your absence.