The 9 Best Anime-Manga Shops In Auckland

Are you an avid anime and manga enthusiast searching for the ultimate haven to immerse yourself in your favourite fictional worlds? Look no further! Auckland, the bustling city of New Zealand, is home to a vibrant anime-manga community and houses some of the best anime-manga shops you’ll find anywhere. From rare collectibles to the latest manga volumes, Auckland has it all.

Step into these captivating stores, where the shelves are lined with a vast array of merchandise that will transport you into fantastical realms. Each shop is a treasure trove, catering to the diverse interests and tastes of anime and manga lovers of all ages.

Join us as we explore the finest anime-manga shops has to offer, where imagination knows no bounds, and the possibilities are endless. Unleash your inner fan and let these stores be your gateway to a world filled with unforgettable characters, compelling storylines, and an abundance of collectibles that will make any enthusiast’s heart skip a beat.


The Best Anime-Manga Shops In Auckland

1. Graphic Novel Cafe

Graphic Novel Cafe
Credit – Graphic Novel Cafe

Location: 99 Shortland Street, Cnr of Shortland & Princes St, Auckland

Phone: 09 303 3445

Time: Mon to Sat – 10am to 6pm

Graphic Novel Cafe is a captivating Anime-Manga shop that immerses enthusiasts in a world of vibrant artistry and captivating narratives. With an extensive collection of manga volumes, graphic novels, and merchandise, this haven caters to the deepest cravings of fans and collectors alike. Whether seeking classic series or the latest releases, this cherished establishment continues to celebrate the rich tapestry of Japanese animation and comics, fueling the boundless imagination of its patrons.

2. Anime House

Anime House
Credit – Anime House

Location: 531 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland

Phone: 09 948 8825

Time: Mon to Sun – 9am to 6pm

Anime House is a captivating haven for all anime and manga enthusiasts. This vibrant online store offers an extensive collection of captivating anime series, manga volumes, and authentic merchandise. Immerse yourself in a world of enchantment as you explore their meticulously curated selection of popular titles, rare gems, and timeless classics. With a user-friendly interface and secure transactions, it ensures a seamless shopping experience.

3. Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime
Credit – Kiss Anime

Location: G10/28 Totara Avenue, New Lynn, Auckland

Phone: 09 218 8931

Time: Mon to Sun – 10am to 6pm

Kiss Anime is an online store where anime fans can find a wide variety of anime shows and manga comics to enjoy. They offer exciting stories and adventures that will captivate their audience. From popular classics to the latest releases, it provides a diverse range of content that caters to every taste and preference. With its seamless browsing experience and high-quality streaming options, fans can indulge in their favourite anime and manga creations anytime, anywhere.

4. Hobby Zone

Hobby Zone
Credit – Hobby Zone

Location: Sylvia Park Shopping Centre, Mount Wellington, Auckland

Phone: 09 573 0228

Time: Mon to Sun – 9am to 7pm

Hobby Zone is an exquisite Anime-Manga Shop, catering to the passionate fans of Japanese animation and comics. It offers a treasure trove of carefully curated merchandise, making it a haven for collectors and enthusiasts alike. From stunning figurines and art prints to manga volumes and cosplay accessories, it is a one-stop destination for all your otaku needs. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of anime and manga as you explore their extensive selection, ensuring that you never miss out on the latest releases or classic favourites.

5. igamer

Credit – igamer

Location: 14 Montanez Drive, ormiston, Auckland

Phone: 0210 255 3271

Time: Wed to Mon – 11am to 8pm

igamer is a remarkable Anime-Manga Shop, catering to the desires of passionate enthusiasts. With an extensive collection of anime and manga merchandise, it offers a haven for fans seeking high-quality products and memorabilia. From captivating figurines and art prints to awe-inspiring cosplay accessories, the shop embodies the essence of the anime and manga culture. Immersing themselves in a world where their favourite characters come to life.

6. Animecity

Credit – Animecity

Location: 29 Joseph Street, Flat Bush, Auckland

Phone: 0210 514 430

Animecity is a premier Anime-Manga Shop, catering to the passionate fandom and beyond. This store is a haven for anime and manga fans. They have a huge selection of merchandise that will transport you to the world of Japanese animation and comics. From figurines, posters, and apparel to DVDs, manga volumes, and collectible items, Animecity has it all. Their commitment to quality and authenticity ensures that customers can indulge in their love for anime and manga with confidence.

7. Arkham City Comics

Arkham City Comics
Credit – Arkham City Comics

Location: 2/885 Manukau Road, Royal Oak, Auckland

Phone: 09 625 6537

Time: Wed to Sun – 1am to 7pm

Arkham City Comics is an enthralling Anime-Manga Shop that caters to the fervent fans of this captivating genre. With an impressive selection of manga, graphic novels, and collectibles, this haven for enthusiasts is a treasure trove of immersive storytelling and stunning artwork. The staff is knowledgeable about Japanese animation and comics. They help visitors by offering insights and recommendations to enhance their experience.

8. Heroes for Sale

Heroes for Sale
Credit – Heroes for Sale

Location: Level 1/3-9 Railway Street, Newmarket, Auckland

Phone: 09 378 8414

Time: Tue to Sun – 10am to 6pm

Heroes for Sale is a captivating haven for all anime and manga enthusiasts. With an extensive collection of comics, graphic novels, and collectibles, this one-stop shop is a treasure trove for fans of the genre. The store offers a diverse range of titles, from classic favourites to the latest releases, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Dive into the dynamic realm of Japanese animation and storytelling, where vibrant characters burst to life through captivating artwork on colourful pages.

9. Vagabond

Credit – Vagabond

Location: Chancery Shopping Centre 40 Courthouse Lane, Auckland

Phone: 09 303 2750

Time: Mon to Sun – 10:30am to 5:30pm

Vagabond, a captivating Anime-Manga Shop. Vagabond combines Japan’s popular culture and engaging storytelling to provide a wide range of anime, manga, and merchandise that will satisfy any fan. From timeless classics to the latest releases, this treasure trove caters to all tastes and interests. With its user-friendly interface and commitment to quality, it ensures an unforgettable experience for anime and manga enthusiasts, allowing them to indulge in their love for this captivating art form.