The 7 Best Aerial Yoga in Auckland

If you’re looking for a unique and invigorating way to improve your flexibility, strength, and overall well-being, aerial yoga is the perfect choice. Auckland is home to a thriving aerial yoga community, offering a range of studios and classes to suit all levels of experience.

In this post, we’ll explore the top aerial yoga spots in Auckland, where you can experience the joy of defying gravity while achieving a deeper mind-body connection. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a curious beginner, we’ve got you covered with our carefully curated list of the best aerial yoga studios in Auckland.

So, grab your yoga mat, get ready to hang from the ceiling, and let’s dive into the exciting world of aerial yoga in this vibrant city!


The Best Aerial Yoga in Auckland

1. Flying Studio

Flying Studio
Credit – Flying Studio

Location: 129 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622

Phone: 09 200 0232

Flying Studio, your gateway to an extraordinary aerial yoga journey, their unique studio offers a captivating blend of traditional yoga and acrobatic movements, all suspended in mid-air. Through the use of specialized hammocks, we invite you to explore a new dimension of fitness and wellness. Their experienced instructors will guide you through a series of inversions, stretches, and poses, allowing you to build strength, flexibility, and balance in a safe and supported environment.

2. Limitless Studio

Limitless Studio
Credit – Limitless Studio

Location: Unit 4/159 Marua Road, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1051

Phone: 0210 246 9692

Time: Mon to Sun – 4:30am to 9pm

Limitless Studio, where aerial yoga takes your practice to new heights. This unique sanctuary offers a transformative experience like no other. Suspended in soft fabric hammocks, you’ll flow through graceful poses, defying gravity and unlocking a new level of strength, flexibility, and inner peace. Led by experienced instructors, their intimate classes cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced yogis.

3. Cirque It Aerial Arts

Cirque It Aerial Arts
Credit – Cirque It Aerial Arts

Location: Unit 1/24 Bishop Dunn Place, Flat Bush, Auckland 2013

Phone: 021 206 9900

Time: Mon to Fri – 4am to 9pm

Cirque It Aerial Arts, the premier destination for aerial yoga enthusiasts. It offers a unique and exhilarating approach to traditional yoga. With a team of highly skilled instructors and state-of-the-art equipment, it takes yoga to the next level. Experience the thrill of suspended poses, inversions, and graceful movements in a safe and supportive environment. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, it welcomes all skill levels.


Credit – ASCEND 

Location: Studio 3, 1/410 Titirangi Road, Titirangi, Auckland 0604

Time: Mon to Sun – 6am to 9pm

ASCEND is an exhilarating and unique form of aerial yoga that takes your practice to new heights. With its roots in traditional yoga, it combines elements of acrobatics and aerial arts to create a dynamic and empowering experience. Suspended from silky hammocks, you’ll flow through yoga poses, inversions, and flips, allowing gravity to deepen your stretches and challenge your strength. Suitable for all fitness levels, it offers a fun and safe way to improve flexibility, build core stability, and release tension.

5. MIN Yoga Pilates

MIN Yoga Pilates
Credit – MIN Yoga Pilates

Location: 40 triton drive, Rosedale, Auckland

Phone: 020 4172 2546

MIN Yoga Pilates. Combining the grace of yoga with the exhilaration of aerial movements, this innovative practice takes your fitness journey to new heights. Using silk hammocks suspended from the ceiling, it enhances flexibility, core strength, and balance while providing a sense of weightlessness. With their experienced instructors and serene studio environment, it offers a safe and inclusive space for all levels of practitioners.

6. Altitude Pole & Fitness

Altitude Pole & Fitness
Credit – Altitude Pole & Fitness

Location: 138 Newton Street, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga

Phone: 0272042549

Altitude Pole & Fitness. This premier studio offers a thrilling blend of strength, flexibility, and grace with their aerial yoga classes. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, their expert instructors will guide you through mesmerizing poses suspended in mid-air. With state-of-the-art equipment and a welcoming community, it promises a unique and invigorating experience.

7. Aracnation

Credit – Aracnation

Location: Empire Studios, 2 Bond Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021

Phone:  021 157 0925

Aracnation, the exhilarating world of aerial yoga. Combining the benefits of traditional yoga with the thrill of being suspended in the air, it offers a unique and empowering experience. Supported by soft fabric hammocks, you’ll flow through poses, deepen stretches, and strengthen your body in a safe and playful environment. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, it welcomes all levels of experience.


What are the benefits of aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga can improve flexibility, strength, and balance while decompressing the spine and relieving tension. It also promotes relaxation and mindfulness.

Do I need any prior experience or special skills to try aerial yoga?

No prior experience or special skills are required. Aerial yoga classes are designed to be accessible to all, regardless of fitness level or background in yoga.

Can aerial yoga help with back pain?

Aerial yoga can help to reduce back pain by decompressing the spine, improving posture, and strengthening the core and supporting muscles. However, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional before starting if you have specific concerns.